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On Saturday, December 17, at the GADOR Auditorium, we made the year-end toast of our institution. Our longed for first face-to-face meeting this year.

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International Kidney Cancer Day

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La Asociación VICARE ofrece un servicio jurídico gratuito en la defensa y promoción de los derechos de los pacientes.

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Argentine Association of patients and relatives, founded with the objective of educating, disseminating, preventing, helping, raising awareness and investigating everything related to kidney cancer, from Argentina to the world.

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help us

Your donation is very valuable to us, and allows us to continue helping patients and families with kidney and bladder cancer.


VICARE Argentine Association of patients and relatives with kidney and bladder cancer

+ 5000

New cases of kidney cancer in Argentina per year


Kidney cancer cases per 1,000,000 inhabitants (annual estimate for Latin America)

+ 400.000

New cases of kidney cancer diagnosed n the world per year

+ 3700

Estimated number of cases of bladder cancer in Argentina per year

+ 33.800

It is the estimate of diagnosed cases of bladder cancer for Latin America and the Caribbean

+ 500.000

New cases of bladder cancer diagnosed n the world per year

Data from: Global Cancer Observatory 


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I Can, You Can from January 2023

We share the talk between Ada Aguirre Martínez and Silvana Inés Castro, kidney cancer patients

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End of year toast VICARE

New Year's Toast of the VICARE Association in the GADOR Auditorium. Last Saturday at the GADOR Auditorium

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Map of access to cancer treatment

The instrument seeks to improve medication request and management circuits so that patients with oncological pathology can...

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At VICARE, we work for and for the care and support of patients and family members with kidney and bladder cancer, but fundamentally we want to raise awareness of primary prevention throughout the community from our preventive and visibility programs, including among others I CAN YOU CAN ( talks from patients to patients), ACTIVE PREVENTION and the OLYMPIADS FOR ONCOLOGICAL PATIENTS.
Join this new and innovative move, with your collaboration we are sure we can achieve it. You can also be a volunteer and even propose ideas to reach the objectives.
Note: donations or collaborations made to the VICARE Association are deductible from Income Tax according to Art. 81 of Law No. 20,628.

I chose to donate a fixed amount by clicking on the buttons we created, you will be redirected to the MercadoPago link to complete the operation safely.

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You can donate with a direct transfer, with the amount you want, to our account at Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires:

Número de Cuenta: 4015-51222/6
CUIL/CUIT: 30-71691796-3
CBU: 0140015101401505122265

If you have any questions, write to us and tell us how you would like to help

Sponsors VICARE

Sponsors and entities that trusted us

Testimony of patients and relatives

Claudia Miranda kidney cancer patient

Falling down is part of life, getting up again is living

Ricardo Golberger bladder cancer patient

What Juan says about Pedro says more about Juan than about Pedro

Roberto S. Criscenti kidney cancer patient

Life is so powerful that it even teaches us to fight for it

Silvana Inés Castro kidney cancer patient

We all have an unsuspected reserve of inner strength that emerges when life tests us.

Julio César Schuster kidney cancer patient

Those who have never fallen do not have a fair idea of ​​the effort that must be made to stand up

Ricardo Luis Fieroli kidney cancer patient

...It is life that touches me... Cancer is not equal to death...

Miriam Gómez Ramirez kidney cancer patient

Life is change and movement, what is important today can be replaced tomorrow by what is urgent, for this reason learn to adapt to your circumstances.

María Madrigal kidney cancer patient

do what makes you happy

Ada Aguirre Martínez kidney cancer patient

I can do everything in God who strengthens me

Emilio Daniel Miranda Kidney cancer patient

Always forward, no matter how much, always a little more!

Ana Viera Michoff kidney cancer patient

If you fight you can win or lose. If you do not fight you have already lost

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